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The end of the humanoid factory

Recently I decided never to work anymore. Why? Work is antiquated! It stems from the times of industrialization. Work is a modern way of slavery. One submits one’s existance to the demands of some human organization that decides what you have to do. In industrial processes humans became robotized to particular functions in a chain of processes. As technology developed those humans were often indeed substituted by automated robots and processes that did not complain, group themselves in demanding associations or get sick.

Those who had work could exist, those who had no work would live in poverty. At one time people thought this was unfare, not because of nobility but because of the aggression of groups of poor people against the institutions. Solutions developed. People with work were asked to help fill a pot of money that would be divided among those who had no work allowing them to survive a little too and shut up meanwhile.

After a while the factories themselves were moved to places where there were less pots of money to be filled for other purposes than those in the industrial processes. The labor was hence cheaper there allowing the industries to compete better in a global world that was growing more and more complex.

After time the amount of reserves that had developed opened up the doors for the organization of new institutions, those that offer “services”. These services were primarily ment to serve the industrial processes. Education for instance needed to supply the factories with people who already had a level of knowledge that would save the owners time to insert the individual into the industrial processes. Health care was organized to assure that people were fit enough to keep performing and police was introduced to avoid aggression to affect the continuation of industries.

The entire world of services had been copied by the way the factories were organized. People went to work too in the services. They work from 9 to 5, in shifts, perform by the clock and regard the people and processes they serve as numbers that can be optimalized. The industry of services was working to allow industrialized work to continu, even though the industries were moved far away, even up to China and India now. Globalization started with the obligation to accept work in industrialized processes, robotizing the human beings into a humanoid species enslaved to a system. The services industry was introduced to repare and assure optimum availability of humanoids in the processes. In fact, over 300 years we created one big global humanoid factory.

That is why I decided never to work again. I do not want to be subordinated to these processes. I don’t want to be robotized. I want to decide for myself. In fact I want to be truly servant to me, my family and my surroundings and not limited to 9 to 5 in my drive for a signficant life. My life is lived 24/7/365, with purpose of my own, not someone else. I am not a robot, I am a human being.

Interestingly I am meeting more and more people who cut loose from modern slavery and unite to create a new human order away from the economy of money. They unite through the development of the economy of true human values. We introduce the ending of the humanoid factory.

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