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Bad money

The concept of money was invented to make the exchange of true values easier through a standardised means. Money without any collatoral is therefor nothing, it is without value, useless and if used “bad money”.

When a business asks for a loan the bank asks for a business plan. One judges the feasibility of the plans of the organization, the values it already contains in productivity and proven creativity before even considering providing the money. But what business plan lies behind the world economy? There isn’t any. Our world economy is based in the enormous amount of money that is needed to sustain the economy itself. This means that money is pumped into a system that is inflating itself without any true values at all, no collatoral nor productivity or responsibility except greed. The money that is now freely printed and put into circulation is a mortgage on our future without a credible plan at all. We are keeping in place an unsustainable global economy, not only at the expense of humanity and our planet but also future generations.

This cannot be right and it isn’t. In my previous blog I mention the reigning definition of sustainable productivity. It says that we need to cover our needs without putting a burden on future generations. But that definition is wicketly smart. It refers to productivity, refering to the limited resources of Earth. It does not refer to the financial debts that we create and that use our children as a collator. In fact we are commiting a crime against humanity by using up resources that are theirs and not even ours. We are borrowing money from our children without even asking them for permission.

A recent presentation of 95 year old Fresco suggested to put all current politicians, bankers and industrial leaders in jale. He mentioned that history will prove the crime that is committed today. And he is right. Economic criminality against humanity is tolerated and enhanced by all that manage money placing the burden on the current and future generations. But are we willing to sacrifice our luxus now and work hard to reduce the debt that we have tolerated to grow for decades? Haven’t we all voted for maintenance of what we have knowing that our way of life is unsustainable and lived at the expense of poverty around the world as well as the stability of our future?

We are so used to bad money that we have forgotten ourselves what true values are. Good money is a means, not a goal. Good money is represented by a true value that has already been created. And true value is not a speculation on our future, it is a mentality of today. Good money is created through a positive interaction between humans, taking care of our children and our elderly, in perfect harmony with our surroundings. Good money is created by servant entrepreneurship that creates value in the shape of unprecedented innovations.

If we want to reach a situation of world peace and sustainable human progress we need to distinguish between bad and good money, eliminate bad money all together from our systems and organizations and protect ourselves against it. We could even agree on laws that define good and bad money punishing those who introduce and deal with bad money, eliminating their potential power positions in the process. Bad money should be illegal. When only good money circulates no crises will happen anymore and no one can be criticised or blamed. Good money has no power play such as bad money, it has levels of responsibility.

80% of all money in the world is estimated to bad money now and the percentage is growing since it is legal and keeping up world economies in a wrong way. We have a long way to go, or a lot of crises to endure before the transformation has been taken place and good money prevails. But it is up to us all to make it happen.

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