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Game over

For many decades the world economy has been much like the family game, Monopoly. This game has reached its end. Soon the winner will be known, the game will be over and can be wrapped up and saved until humanity can get another go.

The comparison with the game is not at all that strange. Monopoly is all about the importance to possess things. The only way to loose is when one has less than someone else. The people who possess streets can build houses and hotels to speculate with income from those who pass by. The obsession that is generated by those who play at that having end of the game is tremendous. Deals are closed to enable the construction of power zones where investments guarantee more income from the unlucky ones that by chance land inside the area and have to pay by the rules of the game. The only other way to go broke is when investments have been too ambitious when one hits the chance card to pay taxes for every house or hotel. Government has a say too in the game.

In real life the game of economics is no different. The bank in Monopoly plays a facilitating role while the greed of the players slowly produce the shake out until a few remain. The loosers get bored and step out in apathy, blocked to play while the winners build their power positions in exitement to see how they can outsmart the others still in the game.

In real life the bank has become yet another player that asks for interests on investments with an interest to place as much money as possible in the debt with interest system. The bank has been emptied already in various occasions but the obsession of the remaining players was so large that they filled it with fake money just to keep on going. Meanwhile the interest on debt remained exponentially in growth. This you can do once, twice, but not all the time. The amount of players left over in the game is continuously reduced but the playing board remains the same. Those who are out of the game cannot play anymore because the entire board is occupied by those who remain in the game. One can only wait until the game is over and that occurs when one has it all.

That stage has been reached in real life. We are close to global game over. America is broke and wants to get a little deeper in the red. Greece can only go further in the red if some of the previous red is cancelled. Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Spain …..are all out of the game. Germany is indecisive and France waits. China is about to pick up the chance card which asks them to pay for the consequences of excessive growth. Who is the winner?

The winners are a bunch of people where all the money goes out of interest rates, the bankers who play the game out of self interest. They do not facilitate the game but changed the rules a long time ago in favor of themselves by making money on money. But interests cannot be paid anymore, properties are all under mortgage and people are reluctant to play this game anymore as it went beyond their control. The only players left are the few people who at the receiving end of interest rates and they have started to play eachother with tricks and turns.

The game is over.  The initial players are dead or out of the game. The ones left do not have anyone else  left that will be able to pay for their claims, but themselves. And they do not want to play the game among themselves anymore because that would be playing with winners where the only destiny is to loose.

The game is over. Time has come to clean up, become normal people again, to liberate those billions of people who were blocked to play, the greedy forget their obsessions and return to normal human life and evolution. The non greedy will stop to pay for debts they did not make. We become humans again instead of pawns on a gameboard. We may have to learn again how that feels and works. It has been so long ago that we lived in a world without someone pulling strings on us. It will be weird to be free again……Game over? Let’s reshuffle start to play again….all of us.

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