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The crisis towards auto-determination

The media talk again about the forthcoming global recession as if it were a worrying novelty. It is not of course. The crisis has been postponed with the many capital injections into obsolete business and governmental systems. No that these try up and China has entered its own era of capital greed the old crisis simply continues where it was interrupted a few years ago. The years and months of delay have allowed the flees to parachute off the dying mastodonts in an attempt to find another, healthier body to lean on. This is difficult now that we realise how chained up the financial world has been. If one crumbles, they all fall apart. From an individual point of view we can ask ourselves why such crisis would affect us at all?

We are vulnerable to the effects of a crisis when we are dependent on one or more of such old fashioned institutes that fall apart. Believe it or not, we are more attached then we would like. Take away money from your pockets and what is left over of your auto-determination and self-sufficiency? ┬áNothing. Without money you have no food, no gas for the car, no house, nothing at all. We suddenly find out that we are extremely dependent on the money based systems that surround us. The supermarket, the petrolstation, the mortgage or rent, our telephone ….even the taxes.

A good crisis cleans up. It kills instantly all those massive organisation in which we have centralised all our dependencies. Suddenly we stand their and find we have nothing. When our dependencies crash we become nicely independent and need to figure out how to use that freedom. We find that we are not only surrounded by nothing but also lack all the knowledge to become self-sufficient. A good crisis hence cleans up not only our old physical dependencies but also our psychological ones. We are challenged to think again about valuables related to our own direct efforts by asking ourselves where everything comes from, how it comes about and what we really need to survive. A crisis will help us with our auto-determination instead of being influenced and manipulated by the third parties that now disappear. This auto-determination is at first highly frustrating and fearful but after a while it creates openings for new creativity, social relationships and personal entrepreneurship. We suddenly realise that we are alive, with abilities to be self-sufficient, not robots of systems that parasited on us for a long time.

A new world will open up to us, full of new opportunities.

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