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The High Performance society

A Global Shift society structures 21st century High Performance around humanitarian  excellence with wellness and sustainable progress as drivers, not money. The Global Shift announces a voluntary and involuntary transformation towards such society placing the current speculative and manipulative institutional structures and behaviour into a historic, humanitarian reflective perspective. We are individually asked to take responsibility for our future now by breaking away from morally illicit dependencies by making fundamental choices.

The modern High Performance society shows the following characteristics:

1. Purpose driven

The values of  this 21st century top evolutionary society are achieved by connecting human talent and energy with wellness related initiatives. This purpose is always related to human sustainable progress that is based on the endless human abundance of creative co-creation. This wellness is not institutionalised but structured around the contribution  and responsibility of every individual member of the community.

2. Value sharing

The purpose of wellness related issues is a motivating factor and experienced as fruitful when the results can be appreciated directly by the participating individuals. High Performance starts therefor through an entrepreneurial attitude at individual level and is closely related to the value creating and sharing social interaction with the direct network surroundings of every person. We call this sharing of local values (for local wellness) “local for local”. Within the context of globalisation every geographical region can apply this and create a chain of wellness driven communities that interact again among each other. Eventually the wellness society can cover the entire planet and beyond. We call this “local for local for global”.

Money is no valuable when value is measured through sustainable progress. Change cannot be banked and progress cannot be saved nor wellness charged. It can be experienced. The ongoing process is “financed” through the investment of collaborative energy and co-creative talents within the community. If a value system has to be put in place this is to create an exchangeable system of progressive values with other local for local communities. Sharing values freely creates equality, stability and peace. Within the community a value system can be put in place that registers and values the talents and energy of the participants in order to give them continuous feedback and community status. Status is provided by the community itself and can be exchanged for usables s.a. consumables, luxury items, housing, etc.

3. Self-sufficiency

Individual and local self-sufficiency (energy, food, water, shelter, etc) is the key engine of the High Performance wellness society as wellness is not an external source of pleasure and satisfaction but an inner one. Any dependence on external securities is a potential threat to stability. This can also be a measurement for progress. Eg. when the threat of dependency arises this should automatically trigger innovative creativity for independency. Auto-determination, self-leadership and authentic, independent self-sufficiency are necessary mental and cultural conditions to be able to take responsibility for such complex issue as wellness. The column of values (individual identity of talent, energy and purpose, safety, equality, trust and cooperation) will guide the sustainable progress.

4. Applied technology and science

All current scientific knowledge, practical know-how and the technological instruments are used and deployed in locally applied innovations that contribute to the purpose driven challenge. Knowledge and tools are only of value when they produce the desired results which is a direct motivation to use them to prove their value. Sustainable progress is a never ending quest and becomes a chain of continuous results that is challenged by the ever changing environment and the intrinsic motivations of the community itself. As a consequence fragmented entrepreneurship, banking and party politics will disappear as they have no function in such dynamics.

5. Education and measurement

Wellness, sustainability and progress is educated through integral experience and feedback by providing spiritual, emotional, physical and rational meaning to behaviour, mentality and events. If the surroundings are High Performance in wellness the newcomers will be challenged to learn about it and improve it. It becomes a symbol for the “art of living” by addressing our evolution in an individual and collective way. Education never stops and wellness is always challenged through sustainable progress. Measurement of levels of progress in human values can become the teasing triggers for purpose driven initiatives.

The scientific learning processes feed our rational consciousness but this is not enough. Knowledge needs to be applied to our lifestyle to create sustainable progress through feedback. We relate with our natural environment from which we learn and that we integrate into our existence with a benefit for all involved.

Local and Global Transformation

The transformation starts with each of us, changing our role in the social awareness from money based dependence to wellness based motivations. We are ourselves responsible to create such society, starting at home, in our streets, neighborhoods and expanding world wide. The current money based systems based on institutional greed are collapsing making way slowly for the rise of the new High Performance society. But is not just money that is blocking the evolution of the human quantum leap. Also hierarchical power positions in business, banking and politics are reluctant to let go of their level of influence. They remain in place because we allow it by accepting them.

Nevertheless the new 21ste century High Performance can already be observed around us and all over the world where people become cultural creatives and create their own image of society. They are the pioneers that use or even create the openings that the recessions leave behind. In many occasions the transformation takes place on individual bases by brave confrontation with the old system, or by addressing key issues that the old system cannot deal with anymore. In any case, the new High Performance of the 21st century is slowly showing its face, breaking through the brick walls of material dominance of the 20th century. It will not be long before it can expand freely and fast throughout the human world with strength, flexibility and determination proving that no challenge is too complex for humankind, not even abolishing our past and starting with renewed energy, if the purpose and drive is right. And wellness is priceless and worth the effort.


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