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They can’t tax my salade

The establishment hates living green
The more living green in the surroundings of the human being the less dependent one gets of economics. If we deal wisely with our living green we can even eliminate largely all money from our daily lives. Living green provides us with a great deal of abundance free of charge (but not free of effort and responsibility).

The first thing that comes to mind is that a green environment has multiple health effects on us. We breath better, feel psycologically better, we feel sheltered and cooler, etc etc. Nature has also many ways to trick our psycology and spirituality by presenting us with a large variety of colors and shapes that we inspire us and that we can admire, as well as seasonal differences that help us understand cyclic patterns and universal wisdom.

We can eat a lot of the living green that grows automatically under the free sunlight that we enjoy. It produces a variety of fruits and vegetables that keep our daily needs well availaible if we wisely use this green around us. Insects and small animals are attracted to the vegitation, offering also another diversity of posibilities to us at will.

Living green is the equivalent of nature for our solar panels and batteries. Green is the natural conversion and storage of solar energy into usable living and permamently availability of energy. To obtain the energy we can eat it, burn it, fossilize it for concentrated usage, let it rot or ferment, etc.

Living green is one of the most satisfying recreational facilities we have directly at hand if we want to. It keeps us busy with numerous hobbyist activities. We walk, jogg, sit, enjoy it by looking at it, tasting and feeling it. We use it to make works of art and utilities. Children run, dig, limb, jump, hide in it as a huge funfare.

water household
Living green attracts, manages, purifies, captures, etc our clean water household in our neighboorhood. It is key for our daily needs as well as the regional and global climatological situation for our wellbeing.

Living green provides us with direct shelter from rain and dangerous radiations. It supplies us with free building materials for housing.

With all these benefits of living green why is it not all around us, supported by people and institutions in all the cities and regions of the world?

Because it grows and is used free of financial charges! It cannot be industrialized, manufactured, distributed, taxed and manipulated if we have it at directly at hand. Hence it cannot be economized when available, only when not.

The only way human systems can economize themselves is by keeping the benefits of living green away from us, to eliminate nature from our reality and replace it with money based artificial systems (supermarkets, solar panels, funfares, kiddy gardins, health systems, cooling devices, etc) that try to provide the same yet against a financial cost. Institutions hate green as it acts against their potential profitability. Cities are large money based human concentrations working along the laws of finance, not based on universal laws of nature in which abundance and progress is real, without money.

In current economic systems, whatever cannot be taxed (government tax, profit of business) should not exist. You cannot tax my own salade so it is eliminated from our lives to make it taxable through local scarcety. The world wide human crises have hence to do with the question: how far are you away from living green? Or can you afford that distance?

The solution for sustainable progress is hence: how fast can I get living green again back into my life?

Economics is in a crisis because they cannot tax my salade, and those who have no salade cannot afford it anymore.

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