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What makes a business “sustainocratic?

A sustainocratic business is essentially very different from a traditional type of business of today. The very first thing we notice is the positioning of the company. It recognizes the different paradigms or worldviews that reign the human worlds and places itself consciously in the field of complex human sustainable progress for well being, not financial greed. This positioning shows in its functioning in society. The company is purpose driven, extremely talented and very cooperative in all kinds of multidisciplinary ventures.

The business is very flexible, challenge driven within the scope of sustainable human progress. This requires a visionary leadership culture that goes beyond the board of directors where the results in human progress are leading the company, not financial KPI’s. The structure is dynamically organized allowing people to take their own initiatives, show self leadership and commitment with the end results that the company stands for. People do not work in the company, they contribute to a higher cause and are willing to give more of themselves than strictly asked for. Their personal return is based on business reciprocity. Hardly anyone is on the payroll but everyone is highly committed.

The organization shows organic growth through spontaneous division, local for local added value and multidisciplinary commitment. Not one of the subsidiaries is the same yet the commitment to the kernel of the company’s reason to be is the same for all. Management does not form a hierarchy but a functional facilitating cooperative.

Above all a sustainocratic business is willing to reinvent itself continuously or else risk to die. It takes calculated risks that have no financial impediment because progress is developed together with other parties. The company is run through multidimensional entrepreneurship (MDE) using the 5 keys of 21st century success (the 5K’s) and UNITED as local team builder and guidance. The company produces 4 x profit: profit for its customers, for society, the planet and as a consequence for itself (pyramid business paradigm). Money is a catalyst means that produces purposeful value.

If you work at a company now how do you feel? Do you go to work to fill the pockets of your boss or do you contribute to a higher cause that makes you feel valuable yourself? Can you describe easily what benefits you company brings to the world? In SME type companies you may respond positively but in larger multinationals answers may be complicated. You evaluate for yourself “what responsibility you take?” Do you stick at the job for the salary? Or do you actually feel that you are contributing something by going to work? You always have a choice.


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