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It is not about what you have on offer….

It is about what you can create!

My mailbox is flooded all the time with offers from other people providing stuff that I do not need. Everyone wants my attention for their things. When I enter a discussion on LinkedIn or a blog I find people trying again to sell “their solutions” to “my problems”.

When I was offered space free of charge on the electronic billboard of my home town I actually noticed that we had billboards all together. Don’t ask me what was on it. When someone with over 50.000 twitter followers tweeted my YouTube link on sustainocracy I only got 7 views and I didnot even sell anything. That is in marketing terms a hitrate of 0.00014. Did that bother me? No not at all. The person who retweeted had been sufficiently impressed to share her feelings with the other and even 7 (!) people picked up the curiosity to have a look. In the process we together created something: curiousity, empathy, awareness, thinking, reflection, dialoge…..Every one single individual is important then, not the masses.

We are so used to consuming that we forget that we need to create too. Consuming extracts value from our surroundings. We consume it. If we do not return anything then the value disappears. Delivering money  as a payment is not enough. What value does it have? Where does it come from?

Every day we set out to buy things from people who have things on offer. We buy petrol but what do we give back in terms of energy? We buy bread but do we compensate by planting grains? What is your balance today in creating and buying? How much time do you spend offering your services, products or wits? And how much time do you spend in thinking of creating something of value, something new?

How are we going to progress if no one creates? Just consumes?

In a sustainocracy we are not interested in your products, your services or what you have on offer. We are only interested in what you can create, co-create or help create. You may want to use your products in the process but maybe you find that you need to address your creativity and innovative spirit. We are interested in productive value driven talent, not a cost. Only when values are created they can be shared. Existing products can be valuable in such process of course but still need to placed in the context of the entire picture. We normally leave that responsibility to the buyer but in sustainocracy we take the responsibility together.

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