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Madrid calling

Together with our local sustainocrat, Luis Escobar, I will start to STIR in Madrid as from februari 2013. We have decided to try out a programmed progression to see if we can get people to connect with our ideology and start with sustainocratic processes in this complicated region of Spain. Why Madrid? Because we have Luis working himself into sustainocracy now for over two years, experimenting in the region and getting in touch with lots of people. We believe time is right, not just because Spain is in a severe depression. Because Luis is ready to take local responsibility which is key for success. Sustainocracy has to rely on local people, including at least one pionering sustainocrat.

I started a blog in Spanish to support our activities. Local people are invited to blog with me.

In feb 2013 we start STIR seminars of 3 hours, once every month, in which we deal with awareness issues of meaningful cooperations, establishing purpose driven goals, entrepreneurship of your own life, purpose, circular economies, etc. Participants will meet different speakers, authors, visionary people, artists, business people, etc. They will all be challenged to explain their activities from a sustainocratic point of view.

In May 2013 we will organize a 2 or 3 day retraite for people who want get deeper into their own mind and transition.

We will repeat the retraites every six months.

We will try to find a common objectives and priorities for cooperative work in the region in the field of sustainable human progress.

We will start our online STIR Academy through a dedicate App.

We hope to give some new perspective to young and old people in the region where the contrast with the money driven consumer and administrative world is huge. Spain is a totally different culture than the Dutch. It will be very exciting to see how we can make progress here.

Madrid calling? Here we come!

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