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The Next Generation “Our Common Future”

You may recall that on 12.12.12 we started a debate with Dutch high school students on their views of their own future in Europe. At age of 17 – 19 they respresent the next generation that deals with tomorrow using yesterday as a reference. The outcome of the discussion was blogged by me in December.

Challenging their own generation

STIR expressed our desire to make Europe a co-creation between all, involving this next generation with their fresh and unconditioned ideas. We explained that we wanted the mission to be ongoing with a returning gathering every year somewhere in Europe. 2013 would probably be Hungary.

The students reacted spontaneously with the co-creative effort to tape a video message for their own generation in Europe, challenging them to come to the next event. The 35 second message “Our Common Future” can be seen here. Soon I will publish also the video of the discussion on “Europe of Tomorrow” that these youngsters did.

With different partners in the field of education we try to get student teams to prepare themselves locally and then meet during the encounter of 2013 to continue the co-creation that was started on 12.12.12. The 12.12.12 teams and hero’s will be present to defend their own cocreation title and lift up the leverage of the purpose driven interaction.

Follow us on http://www.stir-global-shift.com for the time being with the news on this forthcoming event. I will also spend time on it in my blogging here. It is exciting to see the creativity of these young people at work and help them to make the world a better place.

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