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Secrets of life 8

Competition and Fear

When growth is diverse and abundant in a limited space there come a moment in time that growth is not possible anymore. Species address the same particles for growth and meet in the field. Co-existence is never a problem when there is abundance to feed. But when feeding coincides in the same space chaos appears with the development of “competition”.

The encounter for the same nutritious values develops all kinds of techniques of competition among species. For the first time evolution is dealing with “shortage”. The competition is of Darwinistic nature, the law of the largest, fastest, strongest, etc. It is pure confrontational as it deals with the same purpose of growth for survival and the food is the same. Have a look at this impressive battle among species at the Kruger Park to see the diversity of competition, fear, courage and interaction at work.

Harmonic relationships between elements keep life forms in one piece as long as they eat. Yet competition introduces all kinds of new variables that create new selection and evolutionary criteria. Species develop gradually all kinds of differentiated ingenuities to survive.

This introduces a totally new field of competence for life. While the early growth part dealt just with “life” in a lower, simple level of harmonic awareness, the competitive part deals with “survival” introducing new levels of awareness. Survival has a totally new array of evolutionary impulses. Pure confrontation has a natural selection among the sorts. These can develop the strong competitive edges better because the weaker ones get eliminated. Competition introduces also new types of harmonics based on different, counter types of frequencies. While previously attraction was a thriving force now a new element evolves too: fear. The very first levels of fear are simple dis harmonic functions that get species to go out of each other’s way rather than wanting to coincide. When encounters over the same valuable, like food, happen, the species try to outwit themselves with the simple evolutionary harmonic means available to them.

The awareness has develop duality for first time in the form of “like” and “like not”, “safe” and “danger”. Two “likes” may form protective groups and “like with not like” go out of each other’s way unless an encounter is necessary for a very strong reason.

Competition always tries to find a new balance in search of growth. Growth is suddenly not the only parameter for success anymore. Fractal divisions develop enhancements gradually that improve the natural chances for survival. New detection methods appear allowing the species to be more aware of the environment where food and enemies co-exist. Harmonic frequencies were maybe enough for awareness in the most simple forms of (A+B) life, now new frequencies are being introduced in more complex manners. Species develop reactions to light and dark, different colors, sounds, touch, tastes, etc.

Single and multi-sensorial interaction with the environment becomes essential for survival. Species differentiate further and try to grow as they compete. These variables together provide enough elements for extreme diversification. But even diversification is not enough for life. Life needs to grow and enhance further. If competition is danger and confrontational what can solve this issue to produce growth again?

The next blog will tell us.

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