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Water scarcity and our water footprint

Jason is active participant in the STIR Foudation and one of the youngsters that made a call on 12.12.12 to their own generation to take responsibility for the global issues.

Today's world

Most life forms on our planet cannot survive without water. Our civilisations have depended on water ever since humans walked the earth over 3 million years ago. Major cities including Rotterdam, London, Montreal, Paris, New York City, Buenos Aires, Shanghai, Tokyo, Chicago, and Hong Kong  have become what they are today thanks to the easy accessibility of water which  boosted their trade. Water is essential in agriculture as irrigation is a key component to produce enough food. Moreover, the use of water for transportation of materials through rivers and canals as well as the international shipping lanes is an important part of the world economy. (Wiki; 2014)  Finally water is indispensable in our homes for our heating, showers, washing, toilets and drinking.

Although we know that water essential is to our everyday lives, most of us take it for granted…

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  1. It’s easy to forget in countries like the UK that water doesn’t constantly fall from the sky for everyone else. Thank you for sharing

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