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Sustainocratic India?

India announces to invest 50 Billion USD in development of 100 Smart Cities. On Februari 10th 2016 a very first summit is organised in the capital New Delhi with all stakeholders to take on this challenge. But what is “smart”?

When I was invited to speak during the summit I was inclined to refuse. Most Smart City addresses are pure technology based investments that feed the city’s administration with instruments to control and regulate the cities citizens and visitors, creating often an even larger bureaucracy and financial burden for the population . When I announced my doubts to India I also invited the organisation to consider peer 4 sustainocratic city development. The pursuit for core human values creates a vibrant innovative citizen’s response with entrepreneurship and new economic potentia. The organisation and minister of Urban development reacted positively. The path for a Letter of Intent to work together on Sustainocracy in their 100 cities was established.

I am now honored to be able to address the audience with my invitation and help set the tone for the cocreation of health, air quality, safety, local resiliance, education and multidisciplinary cocreation.


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