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Food innovation the 5th floor

Aquaponics is a modern experiment to get cities more resilient in their own food dependence. The system is however expensive and has several technological and practical impediments that make it little competitive within the traditional food chain. In Eindhoven the initiative develops around a more holistic approach in which food is combined with other core priorities in a city. When dealt with in a fragmented, problem solving reality most remedial activities tend to be costly and vulnerable within the stress of politics and economics that seems to govern support. When managed as a combined Sustainocratic opportunity then it does become possible…

The current combination of this venture is:

  • Using real estate space available and in (temporary) disuse in a transformative situation
  • Aquaponics water, bio and light technology for maximized productivity
  • Personnel that needs special care (in the field of autism)
  • Direct connection between productivity and large scale consumption in town (no intermediaries): FRE2SH
  • Connection with educational (university, highschool) activities to solve issues that arise: School of Talents

Opening will be in February 2017. Beginning of the year the first plants were moved to their initial growth areas after incubation. Today the fish will be inserted…

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