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Happiness puppet, a gift for our sponsors

Sustainocracy is a global movement that invites us all to become accountable for the quality of life of ourselves and all human beings with resilience of our communities through the guidance of 5 core conditions for sustainable human progress. Our interaction is based on talented and multidisciplinary commitment in innovation processes that reward us this resilience and quality of interaction and. Our foundation is not subsidized by any organization since we avoid steering by political and economic interests. This does not mean that we don’t need money. Money for us is a means, not a goal, just like commitment, talents, technology, wisdom, knowledge, etc.

Often people ask us what they can contribute? Our primary wish is their participation in our processes. Often this is not possible due to other obligations, old age, disabilities, distance or whatever. Their way to participate is then through gifts of money. To show our gratitud we send our happiness puppet.

The puppet is made of waste materials and was designed by Mireille Muisje. The production is concentrated in awareness sessions of our COS3I initiatives of Social Integration.

If you want to receive such a puppet that carries our blessings for you and a better, wellness driven world, just let us know, send us your voluntary sponsoring and your address through jp@stadvanmorgen.com.

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