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An insight view upon Balinese waste management system


In my previous article I mentioned the ignorance of the Balinese people about the impact of non-organic materials on mother earth. And beyond that, the passivity of the Balinese government towards waste management. But what’s needed? What can help to make a valuable transition towards a healthier island? To figure out these questions, we need some background information about the current situation here in Bali.

‘The government is not making any efforts, why should we?’

As said before people are still handling pack-material similar to decades before when everything was organically wrapped. Due to ignorance about the impact of non-organic material on our earth, they nowadays tend to do the same. Due to the lack of pressure from the government, they don’t feel any need to change. ‘The government is not making a big deal out of it, so why should we’ is a phrase which indicates the lack of importance given to this matter.  Besides that, a collective stigma on cleaning other one’s waste seems to be relevant; it’s a huge downgrade on the social scale.

A lack of need

It seems like the government doesn’t prioritize waste management. Although when there is money involved, measures will be taken. Look at Kuta. A dump store existing of plastic and rubbish is the morning sight when tides enters. In order to maintain the endless wave of tourists, government provides beachcleaners every morning collecting the waste. Why is it possible over there? Is the financial need to little in rural areas or remoted villages? Well there happen to be some initiatives and funds provided for villages to arrange their own waste management, but generally projects seem to stop after a certain period of time.

No after-care

There is no control, reporting of after-care which makes continuity challengeable. Not more than once people ran away with the funded money which generally initiates the end of project. It reveals the fact that money is available, but a lack of sustainable plans to fund it in a proper way.

It’s how Bali works

It’s a lovely state of being. Limited regulations, a laidback attitude, little pressure from above. But on the other hand, the lack of pressure and control, makes it hard to implement rules or guidelines. People are not used to be restricted or socially controlled from upper hand. It’s such another way around in, for example my country (the Netherlands) where signals could even restrict me from walking beside the pathway. Everything is being controlled, organized and regulated. In one hand, beautiful; everybody knows it’s way around, streets are spotlessly clean and in case of an accident it’s always clear who to blame. I don’t know what’s better. What I do know, is that change is needed in order to capture the beauty of this island.

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