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How greed of a few destroys wellness of us all

Surely I could write about the big private banking power houses that control our political and social debt agenda around the world. Or the warfare against communities against death and fear, just to achieve control over natural resources. I will not. At much smaller scale the human disaster of greed leaves tremendous pains as well and maybe we can do something about it.

Peru, christmas time 2018 in a small place called Huayopata, close to Machu Picchu.

A huge landslide destroys the beautiful and protected countryside, takes houses and kills people. The sacred mountain with its ancient holy Inca indian sites is mutulated for ever.

The bear waterfall before and after

The official reading is that the desastrous landslide was caused by heavy rainfall. Locals however state that for years over 200 illegal dinamite detonations were counted supposedly of gold seekers who bribe local officials to do this. The mountain was so damaged that rainfall did the rest.

This is not the only issue that destroys the environment, cultural historic grounds and human wellness in such region. How many other spots on Earth have been manipulated this way at the expense of the people living there? The good will always prevail, some say, but the bad makes us join forces to do so. How can we erradicate this greed out of ourselves and hence out of society? For the first time in human history we face the challenge to create a society where the “having” is irrelevant, “shared abundance” is, equality substitutes hierarchies of inequality, power is replaced by authority, destruction by creation, distrust and hate is subsitituted by trust and love.

The greatest difficulty is not the irradicate the greedy but to make non greed rule, making greed obsolete. The solution we developed is called Sustainocracy, the level 4 regional development, the participation society, based on core human and natural values. All the regions affected by desaster have two things in common. People demand justice and people open up to something new, constructive and positive. The first is difficult when justice is made by the greedy. Te latter is also an indirect way to apply justice as evaluation parameters are put into place that allow avoiding mishaps. They do use symptoms and pains from the past to create awareness and progress. In this process justice is applied against the new “non greed” criteria, not the old “greed acceptance”.

Having said this, this region of Peru can start developing itself positively again and attend priorities it never did before. The local Peruvian drinking water issue in Lima and surroundings for instance is equally desastrous. The city was built with the ocean and trade in mind, not health and sustainable wellness. Rain water in the Andes falls on the other side, making it complicated to channel it to the city. The water is rationed among the poor while the rich can fill their swimming pools. All a consequence of money driven politics. If Sustainocracy is applied than the entire region is charted from a core values perspective and the water issue is dealt with collectively together from a shared abundance perspective between institutions and citizens.

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