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Economy 2020 and beyond

Regional focus 2020+

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  1. Любовь says:

    The only issue to solve was overcoming the idea that government itself should lead, when, in fact, the core values such as health should. Government could pave the way and behave as the backbone of the complex process, but the stakeholders had to do the innovative work together. The role of the sustainocrat had proven itself throughout the years since AiREAS had been founded and had become the connector within this complex process. Rather than the duality of “economic growth and consequences”, a new duality arose: “core value-based leadership and expanding innovations”. This was a far more sound economic relationship, based on the 4? Profit, and was coined the Transformation Economy, an economy focused on value-driven change rather than just growth. Harmony through change was to lead, not greed through growth.

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