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Sustainocracy in art

It is so gratifying when artists get inspired by the Sustainocracy story. Greek painter Evi Sarantea came up with this expression. The EYE….

Artist: Evi Sarantea from Greece

The eye is our gateway to the soul. Through all kinds of dogmatic obstacles and life challenges (thorns) we arrive at our source of light, our pool of endless positive energy from which new life sparks (the roses and happy people)

The universe itself is a huge eye, through which we become aware, layer by layer, lifetime after lifetime, while adapting gradually to a harmonic, healthy and sustainable reality. As I once responded to biologists who claimed that life had no purpose at all. I disagreed. The purpose of life is the ability to observe, to see, to become aware….if the universe and its magnificent small and large manifestations could not be sensed they would all cease to exist.

This eye….says it all…❤

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  1. Evi Sarantea says:

    I agree with you Jean Paul. You know, the Eye in the pictures of orthodoxe churches, is the eye of God (that notices everything). This meaning is not far with your opinions about the eye I draw. The concepts of Universe, God and Nature, after all, for many people are identical.
    Thank you
    Evi Sarantea

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