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Are you the local sustainocrat that helps transform society to resilience?

What is resilience? Within the context of our human existence the word resilience refers to the sustainable presence of our human species on Earth. This word hence is significant for every human being on the planet, every community of human beings and humankind as a whole.

Resilience is balancing our wellness with that of our surroundings

Why transform society? Our current paradigm of financial dependence and economy of growth may be good for certain enterprises and supportive governments, it is lethal for our human species and our planetary balance. It therefor needs to be transformed into a new paradigm in which we develop our core human and natural values.

The 5 core conditions for sustainable human progress

What is a Sustainocrat? A Sustainocrat is someone who takes personal responsibility for sustainable human progress and democratically invites local people and institutions to participate. A Sustainocrat is a missing link in our current societal formats where only fragmented interests are organized. The Sustainocrat brings in the connectiveness for a holistic approach, respecting and even enhancing the fragmented, authentic specialized qualities of each participant.

The blue spot around which the Sustainocratic cluster shapes, is the Sustainocrat

How can a Sustainocrat make the difference? First of all, the Sustainocrat adheres to the five core natural human values defined by Sustainocracy. These core natural human values are a shared responsibility by all people and institutions together. The problem in society is that everyone seems to recognize these core values but no one (persons or institution) can be pinpointed as single responsible for them. None can take on the responsibility for the invitation of all others to join into the cocreation and maintenance of these core values as it would exceed one’s institutional mission or a hierarchy would be formed over the other participants. Both would be undesirable as equality prevails. So secondly, the Sustainocrat takes on this responsibility as “human representative of the core human values” and invites the others to connect to him/her in cocreation, based on their fragmented contribution.

Who hires a Sustainocrat? No one does. Simply because anyone who is traditionally hired is subordinated to the hiring institution. A Sustainocrat needs to be independent to be representative of the core natural human values. You can join the STIR Foundation, the care taking NGO of the ideology, for support in your processes through the School of Talents & Wellness.

How than can a Sustainocrat survive in a money dependent world? He or she could if the world would be fully Sustainocratic, core values driven and shared. Money would then only be a means, if necessary (which it often is not), never a source of dependence. Unfortunately it is not. The human world is in a complex transition phase from money as a goal to core values as a permanent mission. The Sustainocrat is project driven within this transition.

Regions will go through all phases

What does a sustainocratic project look like? Many people and institutions try already by themselves to be innovative within their own perception of sustainable progress. Which is great. The mainstream however is not. The Sustainocrat is focused therefore on the most complex issues that can only be solved with the involvement of the diversity of people and institutions in a region. A sustainocratic project typically has the following components:

  • A measurable shared ambition to fullfill any of the core values
  • A start and an ending
  • A multidisciplinary group of commited local partners
  • A specific contribution of each committed parther with what they can offer (technology, wisdom, knowledge, money, creativity, changing behavior, infrastructures, etc)

What does the Sustainocrat do? The Sustainocrat initiates the project definition process through a dynamic clustering procedure of the positive values driven invitation. He or she protects the core values driven focus, chairs the multidisciplinary composition of the commited cluster and manages the committed contributions. Financially the 10/10/80 (or 5/5/90) rule is applied:

  • 10% (or gradually down to 5%, depending on the size of the project) for the Sustainocrat,
  • 10% (or again 5%) as a reservation for the training of all partners in the values driven interconnection of their participation.
  • 80% (or up to 90%) is the working capital as budgetted during the project definition process

Note 1: A sustainocrat usually is not one single person. Often they are two. One as the visionary holistic process guidance, the other the more detail financial and project detail administrator. The percentage reserved for the sustainocrat is divided among the two.

Note 2: A sustainocrat sometimes also fullfills tasks in the operational working capital environment, for instance when no one is there to do it, usually in the field of coordinating citizen participation.

Sustainocratic cocreation table

Are there any examples? Yes! In Eindhoven (Netherlands) we have the following initiatives:

  • AiREAS – air quality, human and environmental health
  • FRE2SH – city farming, permaculture and food forests
  • COS3I – social cohesion, innovation and integration
  • EQoL – Energy and Quality of Life
  • School of Talents & Wellness – participatory learning in Sustainocracy

Will a new Sustainocrat receive support? Yes!

  • We gradually create a global network of Sustainocrats as STIR Foundation (City of Tomorrow) and support eachother in the learning process (School of Talents & Wellness).
  • We publish processes and results through open access
  • The STIR Foundation will also develop (if possible and necessary) a fund to support certain investments. The fund can be develop through providing trainings under the second 10%, or through philanthropists who wish to accelerate the transformation by facilitating its growth.
  • Partner organizations draw further attention to the need, the public awareness development and legal preparation and deployment of laws that criminalize the (government supported and even financed) business abuse of our planetary and human resources.
  • The pressure is building up, not only by us with our partners, also through crises, impossibility to govern and natural disasters.
  • Further growth of zero tolerance to pollution by human industrial and logistic activities
  • The building up of numerous positive examples of Sustainocratic progress around the world

What is the profile of a Sustainocrat? Man or woman. Preferrably someone who made a personal awareness breakthrough (the I am revelation as in the drawing). With experience in demanding leadership positions. Determined. Networker. Not angry (anymore) at the past. Locally well empowered and embedded. English skills for international communication in the network. Supported by his/her surroundings. Humble, ecocentric, empathetic, persistent, etc. Disconnected from hierarchy formats, understanding human equality and institution instrumentation.

The “I am” moment of a Sustainocrat, disconnecting from old dogma’s to engage with the true inner self

It is exists, join the movement and become a sustainocrat. Leave us a message and join our weekly zoom encounters to see where your regional priorities are and how we can get started……

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