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Societal transformation in three steps

Step 1: be human

What is it to “be human”?

As citizens we find ourselves forcefully emerged into a wrong and destructive political and financial paradigm. Puppets of a financial system, supporting it through labor while depending on an income. This paradigm can be helt responsible for the destructive Anthropocene in which money rules at expense of our human and planetary cohesion and safety. Breaking out of this paradigm brings us back to our natural human existence, as member of the ecosystem of nature following the natural rules of sustainable progress of all living species. Breaking out is a fundamental human biological right, just like the right to develop self sufficiency together as a community . It also brings us on the path again of our evolutionary human development, using our wit, creativity, awareness and adaptive skills to adopt and sustain our core values ourselves, together with specialized, engaged institutions and within our self regulating sustainocratic communities.

Step 2: Our institutions are tools

Institutions as instruments for human resilience instead of destruction

Government is not the owner of a territory, it is a delegated, facilitating service to a society of human beings. It develops and maintains infrastructures and services within our core human driven paradigm. Innovative business entities are not just fragmented, self centered money focused users of human and natural resources. They are innovation partners for the application of new products and services that help cocreate our core values. Science is not a fragmented money driven knowledge center. It is a participatory knowledge contribution to our core values driven progress, receiving feedback of the usefulness of the knowledge and invitation to generate new wisdom through research. Citizens are values driven participants in cocreation and sharing the values through cultural and behavioral engagement with readiness to engage or change if so desired for sustainable resilience.

Step 3: Formalize the leading transformation economy

The transformation economy is a constant driving force to human adaptiveness and resilience

The current “economy of growth” emerged in the industrial era as stimulus for growth of fragmented material productivity and consumerism. We learned a lot about marketing, sales and labor activities, as well as manifacturing, manipulation and usage of resources. The economy of growth then also evolved also into healthcare, as a copy of the industrial remedial repair service. The growth is not just found in the economic value of a chair, a car or a house, it is also fakely related to speculation on shortages, fears, market dominance and control. It is supported by the self interest of fragmented institutions and governments that made themselves slaves through their tax requirements. It is however growing into a crime against humanity due the Anthropocene. This blind version of the economy of growth is obsolete, needs to be cleaned up and is soon to be seen as crime against humanity and our living planet. All participants in this obsolete version of the economy are invited to participate and invest in the transformation economy for human resilience, progress and planetary balance.

The transformation economy is not focused on trade, shortages, material or human abuse, or financial dependencies. It is focused on the genuine and measurable cocreation of abundance of our core natural human values at regional level. This cannot be bought, it needs to created together in a multidisciplinary setting. The values created are a benefit for human and planetary resilience, using UNITED and 4 x Profit as measurable formats for progress. These values can be fragmented again into applicable products, services, policies, laws, behavioral adjustments, research, education and participatory learning among the authentic cocreation partners and subsequently used in the newly defined core human values economy of growth. Here there is no pollution, no abuse, no corrupt or dependent governance, nor self centered institutional dominance, as long as one complies with the core values driven objectives.

A choice and invitation has emerged. To participate in the multidisciplinary cocreation of our core human and natural values for our sustainable human progress in the context of our natural environment, Sustainocracy. Those who have nothing to offer do not belong in the circular values driven process and should question their existence or modify their positioning. Those that do not wish to participate have something to explain. Justice is developed to help remind that institutions are part of the natural human ecosystem, in which money is a means, never a goal. Institutions that don’t contribute to the core human and natural values can potentially face charges at personal executive level under “criminal act against humankind and our planetary balanse”, in the worst case even “genocide”. Those that do participate in the core values driven cocreation platforms can re-enforce their authentic contribution and organizational format through the “economy of growth” of our core values worldwide. They will be praised, not proscecuted.

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