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Join our online PEACE community building session on Jan 25th at 17.00 CET.

The key for peace starts with oneself, whether it is a person, a business or a region. When there is no inner peace the peace with the outside world is very difficult to achieve. Inner peace is achieved when there is satisfaction and an untroubled mind. People who keep their desires under control, their ambitions within reason, a modest lifestyle, tend to live a life with less worries and struggles. They keep a level of satisfaction with what they have, do and are. They tend to be the ones that have time and patience to be compassionate with others, even helpful and supportive.

Foto door mododeolhar op Pexels.com

For business institutions this is difficult because they are very much focused on growth and the taking. It requires a totally new mindset to become ambitious in a different way (values driven), less competitive and more openminded to the wellness of their own surroundings. In my own world I have seen many companies that kept their activities low profile, highly authentic, attentive and specialized, sustaining a much more lasting position in their markets, including profitability, than any large corporation.

Foto door Engin Akyurt op Pexels.com

At a regional level this is true too. Those areas that are focussing on wellness, togetherness and shared wellbeing tend to score better on the level of peacefulness than those regions that are growth and competition minded. Key is to stick to one’s authenticity and avoid wanting more and more. If everyone would do that then peace would be a matter of fact, diplomacy would become a friendly encounter, and other’s needs would be resolved through dialogue and sharing.

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