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Water needs in Africa

Drinking water is a core value for the continuity of life, including us, the human being.

Food (another core value) based communities in Africa struggle with local government corruption and the long periods of draught, longer than normal due to climate change. They try to get water from deep layers in the ground. For that investment is needed to dig the wells, install (and maintain) the pumps and store the water in basins or water towers. With this they can irrigate their plants and feed the local community of hundreds of people. These people subsequently receive education in an attempt to raise the local self sufficiency and resilience.

The lack of government support and extortion nature of such governance drives these groups into international crowdfunding for their financial needs. STIR has supported some of these projects financially and receives these photos as proof of the money being spend properly.

Even though we feel happy to be able to contribute, we also realize that we don’t solve the big issue if we do not also address the corruption of local government. Africa has great resources and with proper regional governance there could be sustainable wellness for all these people. Empowering the locals needs to go together with the international pressure on redefining our moral and ethical values to which we can hold officials responsable. Sustainocracy provides those values but also needs to have the support to exert pressure for change to accountability there where needed.

With this corruptions engrained in our (financial) systems and (self imposed) hierarchies we will never get to sustainable human progress or peace. Ideas are welcome, support too to strengthen those local communities.

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