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Multidimensional Entrepreneurship

In 2011 I published a book about modern 21st century entrepreneurship, called Multidimensional Entrepreneurship (MDE). It deals with the five key principles of entrepreneurship and many other things that I addressed as coach and consultant between 2004 and 2009. Due to all my effort in establsihing my own MDE with the City of Tomorrow I kept delaying the promotion of the book until it was forgotten all together. Until today!!

It is more current than ever and maybe that is why it has been collecting dust for over a decade. Today many new age entrepreneurs may benefit from the steps and insights brought forward in the book. It is available a Ebook through Lulu.com:

ISBN: 978-1-4476-0356-6 – Author: Jean-Paul Close

Feedback is always welcome if you decide to read it. The little royalties go into the STIR Foundation to further develop Sustainocracy.

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