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Redesign of our societies through local regenerative food programs and Health Valley development. FRE2SH and OSFD commitment together…

The FRE2SH and OSFD training course on regional regenerative self sufficiency. During 11 online sessions, one per month, we provide both a learning and inspiration platform, and a partner network for developing our wellness paradise on Earth.

Join us for free (email jp@stadvanmorgen.com) in our global FRE2SH network and commit yourself to this new positive world of co-creation and shared wellness through food awareness and development.

1. What is Sustainocracy?

It is important that we understand what it means to be a human being. Once we do that we can understand that we all share some basic responsibilities for our sustainable existence on this planet. Sustainocracy defines 5 of such responsibilities as essentials for us to live a peaceful and stable life within wellness and adaptiveness under all circumstances.

2. The right to be self sufficient

We all understand that self sufficiency from a basic needs point of view is best achieved as a community. A community in which we all contribute to the fulfillment of these needs together. This is not just limited to us as human beings but also in close cooperation with our natural environment.

3. Inspiration from a tree

A 300 years old tree shows us the importance of an optimal relationship with the environment. Symbiotic relationships are what we develop with words like unconditional giving, reciprocity, integrated ecosystems, etc.

4. Food forests

Nature, in its multidimensional living presence, through food forests for instance, provides us with ample opportunities to fulfill our basic food needs without the need to destroy nature every 6 months. 

5. Indoor techniques

With a large number of people living in cities nowadays, the issue of engagement with nature and food has largely disappeared. Instead the city-zins made themselves dependent on processed, industrialized food deliveries that are gradually destroying our habitat without them noticing. In order to provide food and restore our environment we need to use techniques in the cemented, mechanical environments of such cities.

6. New business opportunities

Busy-ness or entrepreneurship are developing themselves with a new meaning. Where they were classically very money driven in our industrialized environment, we now see how they are becoming more values driven. The 4 x WIN mindset is redefining our societies, our consumption, our productivity and our relationship with our environment. 

7. Engaging citizens

Our relationship with food is key to a healthy and happy life. Engagement of people in the different aspects of our food responsibility brings purpose, mindfulness, joy, community spirit and positive health.

8. Food and health, part 1

Our nutrition is key for our existence. It is not limited to food. This also included water, air and warmth. These elements are to be seen as responsibilities by us all, not as financial commodities. To restore our health we need to restore our relationship with nature. This requires the redesign of our cities, our business environment, regional governance, etc. 

9. Food and health, part 2

Nature is always self healing. As living manifestations of this same natural environment our physical, emotional and spiritual presence have the same self healing mechanisms. This we can only achieve together with our natural environment. Plants and microorganisms have a large spectrum of healing means for us as human beings that are always present to help develop our resilience. 

10. New food, our plate in 2030

Opening ourselves up to the richness of the nutritious environment of nature we can broaden our menu with a large variety of new tastes, food combinations and healing values. We wish to create a worldwide movement, together with nutritious specialists, cooks, food designers, health workers to experiment, learn and take joy in this new world of food experiences.

11. Integral redesign of society

Bringing together all the elements of this course we can define our Health Valleys, the garden of Eden that our planet represents for us all together. A society based on shared responsibilities, shared wellness and joy, the world of positiveness, engagement, meaning and our sustainable existence. 

FRE2SH is not a business, it is a global community of all like minded entrepreneurial individuals and new age 4 x WIN initiatives that join together as partners to establish our Health Valleys together, wherever in the world. We inspire, share, train, learn and develop together. OSFD is our global learning partner.

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