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Spirituality and Business

Prof. Dr. Sharda Nandram reflects about this during the Nyenrode University “radical thinkers” event. You can watch and listen to her arguments here.

It is of course admirable that a Business University takes a stand away from the traditional bottom line business philosophy that we tend to call “1 x WIN, 3 x LOSS” referring to the negative impact on society, the human being and our environment, purely out of financial win motivation. When I myself occupied general management positions in big multinational I had been drawn into that same tunnel vision and related competitive complexity. Only after leaving such a position I started to develop my own awareness resulting in the 4 x WIN entrepreneurial ideology of the 21st century. That is how I got to intellectually and spiritually interact intensely with the predecessor and mentor of Nandram, Prof. Dr. Paul de Blot. It was in that occasion that I briefly met Ms Sharda as highly valued disciple of Paul in Nyenrode.

In my quest to develop a societal evolutionary path it became key to simplify the process, despite the complexity of the engagement and transformational consequences. It is not so much radical thinking but more the acceptance of a shared collective social, humanitarian and ecological responsibility. The five essential values for our sustainable human existence, as defined in Sustainocracy, also reflect the “To Be” spirituality, the meaningfulness, of a new era for institutions and institutional positioning. This “To Be” is not only relevant for the business environment but also for government institutions, scientific and educational organizations and even us as citizens in a new world of shared responsibilities. This “To Be” then determines the “To Do” impact and action driven reality of these institutions. It would fill in the K2 and K3 referred to in the speech as “unknown” and “belief” into belief in one’s authenticity as institution and its positive contributions to our harmonic and symbiotic relationship with our selves and our natural environment.

Our spiritual (non religious) evolution from “conscious competition and survival” to “conscious living in harmony”

Our societal path from hierarchical self interests to shared responsibility and sustainable progress

Music as healing therapy has to be part of our Health Valley regional development philosophy.

In this German documentary the relevance of musical science for therapy and healing but also for the early development of babies and children is explained. Within the ideology of Sustainocracy music is the basic energetic means that brings matter alive. Some of this has been described in the posts on the Secrets of Life.

The documentary (in German) can be watched here. For us it is yet another essential element in our Society for Tomorrow and the Health Valley regional development.


The global Visioneers network is preparing a great launch and clustered platform for values driven actions.

Save the date: Sunday October 9, 2022 at 11 am PDT = 20.00 CET online and offline (Vancouver) event.

Humanity’s Golden Peace
An Entry to the Age of Global Consciousness 
A Catalyst 

What is/are “the Visioneers”? In 1992 Dr Desmond Berghofer (Vancouver, Canada) published a book on his views of human development. Ever since he has been living his views together with his wife Dr. Geraldine Schwartz. Five years ago they started to extend Visioneers Awards to people who were recommended to them for their humanitarian work accross the world. So far over 300 awards have been extended by them forming a worldwide network of great people that have been making a difference. I myself was surprised and honored to be included in this network some time ago and also become part of their round table of about 30 Visioneers. I suddenly found myself surrounded with the greatest authors, TV personalities, musicians, peace activists, intellectuals, etc.

The event on October 9th? After all these many years of preparations, gathering wonderful people, extending awards to them, it is time to engage the whole world. Read about the plans here in the latest bulletin. The event will contain three parts:

  1. 1. The celebration and official designation of Visioneers Awards
  2. 2. Humanity’s Golden Peace, described in visuals, stories, music, poetry and songs, sending our message through the Arts, with choirs of many ages and voices and ongoing audience participation.
  3. 3. A mosaic of film clips, of 10 inspirational episodes of wisdom, stories of outstanding achievement and visions of Humanity’s Golden Future. 

It is also the time to initiate the process of clustering Visioneers in Leadership Circles:

Visioneers Leadership Circles to be formed worldwide will be introduced as we wage peace and register our achievements on the Visioneers Wall of Stories, colour-coded to display progress on the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Geraldine Schwarz
Statements from the Visioneers