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Re-building Resilient Food System

On June 23rd at 16.00 CET we kick off a series of 10 months of online interaction, videos, inspiration and more about the importance of the development of regional food self sufficiency and resilience.

We will look at different techniques in the area of food system´s transformation. We will engage experts, share insights and try to collect best practices that we share as our global FRE2SH food community. You can register here for free for the online kickoff SAFARI talk on June 23rd at 16.00 CET.

The series is offered together with our global partners: Food Design Nation by Dr. Francesca Zampollo.

Have a look at my short personal intro:

Poverty is not about money

It is about the lack of possibilities to be self sufficient in the fullfilment of one’s basic needs.

Today we talked with Nashif Ahmed in Uganda who has a few acres for food production and serves with it the lives of 15 children and a few elderly women. The only time he needs money is when he has to interact with the external world for certain means that cannot be obtained directly from nature. Think of a waterpump, or material to repair the roof, or a motorcycle to travel to school 14 km away.

Nashif is part of the growing FRE2SH network for regional food self sufficiency and resilience. We recorded his remarks and description of his activities for our FRE2SH online learning program through our #FDN partnership.

One minute video inspirations on sustainable human progress: food


Meet Maartje Kreike. She is pioneering with the foodforest in Eindhoven. On a large surface nature and human beings have been working together since 2009 from a food and remedial perspective, learning about the advantages of nature in a broad context. The objective is to integrate nature more and more into the neighborhoods for both awareness and local self sufficiency in our basic needs. Maartje tries to explain the nutricious and medical values of a certain herb to worldwide documentary maker, Joerg Altekruse. Maartje organizes workshops, does presentations, invites school children, works together with locals and caterers, etc.

A food forest provides abundance of nutrition for a population without the need to destroy the plants, the soil or the eco-system. On as many as 7 levels food can be obtained. In addition other life forms can collaborate to provide even additional sources, such as chickens, eggs, insects, honey, etc. The food forest is partner in the sustainocratic City of Tomorrow and FRE2SH network of transformative, resilient food initiatives in and around town.