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Credit crisis is just a beginning

Despite the capital injections into the leaking banking system the crisis has only just started. The reason is not just the greed of some selfish CEOs acting under pressure of share holders. This is just the top of iceberg. The problem is the cooling down of western society. Welfare has become too easy, too much a matter of fact to most of us. We take things for granted and it is all right to misuse the system a bit. Government does it all the time, keeping in place double bureaucracy and simply increasing taxes instead of any form of leadership. Society has grown selfish, egocentric, greedy an materialistic. We donot see the border anymore between what is good and what is bad. We overconsume, misuse our environment, our body and our relationships. All this has surfaced now with the credit crisis. First the banks, then the car industries, the real estate and then grocery stores, the medium sized businesses, etc etc. It all crumbles into bits and pieces.

People start acting irrationally within the environment of greed and misuse simply making things worse. We run the risk of entering into a long period of chaos or even terror.

Big capital injections are rational patches to a leaking system. We need to work also on our values. And that is the hardest part. It requires true leadership that shows our society that our wealth, our environment and our fellow people are worth the reasonable effort.

Evolution of society since WW2

Evolution of society since WW2


  1. Slowly we are moving to the area of terror and chaos. Obama is doing everything he can to get some moral thinking in banks who challenge common sense by paying out millions of bonus to a few. It will take up to one or two generations to get this back on track again and still this would be a record time in human history.

  2. […] we are all capable of destroying it all out of greed and lack of consciousness. It reminded me of my second blog, on november 2nd 2008 (nearly 100 blog items away now and still very relevant) stating that the credit crisis was just […]

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