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East and south, best place to prosper

The west has accumulated wealth for over 50 years now which has caused the local populations to grow an overall lazy mentality around power and material security. The wealth grew by using the low wage countries s.a. China and India to their own benefits. Those countries in turn created their own neo-capitalist development and growth of wages and wealth and prosperity. This is however not yet generalised and has not been turned into a social welfare system s.a. the west. Here we have huge mountains of accumulated funds that have been saved through hard labour and a social insurance system that was to cushion any individual temporary problems. Those funds reside in social security funds managed by governments, life and health insurances managed by insurance companies, pension funds managed by special fund keepers and banks, savings of people and the wealth of qualitative good housing the is a colatoral for morgages together with an economic climat providing work for all. The accumulated wealth of over 50 years of national saving evaporates within days after the credit crisis because of structural mismanagement of risks, motivated by the greed of share holders and the capital needs for an aging population. Most of this money has been gambled into risky environments, blowing up a cash ballon that was to blow up into our faces at any time.

The problem is that most of the economic stability is not based on the working mentality of the population but around those huge mountains of cash. When that evaporates suddenly the lack of initiative of the population is exposed and the overall dependence on such risky systems. The question arises how the governments and, more importantly, the populations are going to react when the real vulnerability shows and unstability proves to be more persistant than expected. In the line of rationality people who want to keep up their wealth within an environment of lack of sensitivity to common values, tend to take more irrational decisions potentially causing further instability and even chaos or terror.

The east and south are huge geographical areas with important populations that can now show their real power to the west to avoid a total decline. Meanwhile the growth in those areas, focused on their internal markets only or among countries in the east will be the best place to be for quite some time, until the west finds a stable course out of its own mess again. We only hope that the east learns from these unique mistakes for mankind and introduce safety systems in their accumlation of wealth to ensure the balance between social security development and the motivation of people to maintain it within the bounderies of common values of respect and common sense.

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