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Wanted: Transformative executives and politicians

We have entered an undesired age of unethical overall behaviour and this now needs to be transformed. Two years ago we could still use multidimensional entrepreneurship to bring about change through competition on values rather that wealth. This was complicated due to the common material nature in business that considered money as a goal rather than means. But it was not impossible. Politics was then limited to an electorial challenge to maintain wellfare rather than the provoction of change. The unstability, caused by the credit crisis, changed this too. It brought to the surface that entire populations have grown into a sick culture of selfish, all destructing individualised greed. We can now relate this unwanted overall western human nature to the deterioration of our environment, ouw overweight problems, tax increases, etc.

The problem of change is not now anymore just within the scope of sustainable business development and responsibilities. Now politics need to understand that their electorial commitment to conservative wellfare maintenance refers not to generalised misuse of wealth. Politics was blind until recently focussing only on managing wealth rather than showing leadership for common values of respect, colaboration, added values and constructive natures. We now have encountered again the dark side of human existance and learned that material wealth is no guarantee to happiness or wellbeing at all. More is needed and that needs to be positioned and kept alive in a community or population.

In business we see exactly the same. During various decades the business community of large enterprises have developed a managerial nature of banking with their resources. The business excellence was not anymore measured by innovative business content but through innovative maintenance while the real business was done through material gambling with the activa which had been built up years. The development of real business content requires knowledge, vision and commitment. Under pressure of share holders the CEOs prefered to go the easy way and sell of business units, buildings and construct yearly share holders value around “special income”. They have evolved into brokers rather than business leaders.

In both worlds, the political and entrepreneurial, we now need transformative leaders who take the human nature back to where it prospers best: the honoust process of creating added value that is beneficial for all and motivating populations to work together for a better and stable world. Transformative executives have the guts to challenge our recent past and use the available resources of creativity, human energy and accumulated recent knowledge of the problems of the world to create an identity of action and common true benefit. These new age leades use multidimensionality to develop the ideological basis and walk upfront to lead us the way to the world that we really desire and that everyone up to now has failed to bring us.

We coach all who want to develop the know how and direction of transformative leadership.

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