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Why should we transform?

We hear all the time that we are doing all right so why would we want to transform our business practices at all into multidimensionality? Well, the first thing we should ask ourselves is: “Are we indeed doing so well?” If you really look at it we are not at all. We are socially, morally and economically parasiting on the wealth that was generated between 1950 and 1985 approximately. After that we started to decline in mentality, taking wellfare for granted and allowing ourselves to become greedy. This is no basis for prosperity at all.

When we look at the ideal world as we would define it with all the knowledge we have today then we would take all we have today with two extras: that the whole world was wealthy, healthy and vital. Because such human world would be the optimum market to develop any business. And secondly that we would have no danger at all of running our of resources. Because with an abundance of (natural) resources we could we would be able to do as we please and not worry about destruction or endangering our species at any time.

This ideal world is called “Utopia” right now because we have all we have but behave in such a way that the extras that we would desire are getting further and further our of our reach. This risk we run is that we even loose what we have today, or yesterday I should say, as the credit crisisn already to an important chunck of our wealth away. That is why we need to transform. It is not that difficult to turn the trend. It is a matter of mentality. When we make our business plans why not commit ourselves to produce some product or services that improves the health, wealth or motivation of our fellow human beings. Simply by making ourselves think about it is already a mayor transformation. If everyone does it the world would evolve to be a better place day after day.

As with the resources we could dedicate our innovative creativity to challenge everything the over consumes resources and create similar added values without any dependence on natural resources or at least minimizing it while using resources that are available in abundance. Why should everything remain the same when we have changed everything already various times around during the last century? Let’s keep changing everthing: our housing, infrastructures, transpotation systems, safety ad protection, energy usage, spare time, education, …………

In change there is added value and in added value is profit and profit is wealth and prosperity and prosperity is good. As long as it is worth all our while and not just a few. That is why we need to transform and learn to compete in doing good, better and best.

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