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5 years of crisis, 15 to change the world

A lot of people in politics and business think that this credit crisis is one we sing out in a few month. The capital injections of western governments should stabelize the situation again. The contrary is true. The credit crisis has indeed triggered the problem but did not cause it. The problems lie deeper and are related to morality. This is an issue that has no capitalist response but needs to come from inside.

To illustrate what I mean I kindly ask you to reflect about the last 60 years of western history. There are two clear blocks: The reconstruction phase after world war two and the adult economic phase after that (the last 20 years). Now think what has been created of wealth in the first block of 30 to 40 years? Our infrastructures, social security systems, life insurance, pension scemes, housing infrastructures, etc. all originated in that period of time. It was a true era of growth and material creativity as well as content.

But what has changed over the last 20 years? Really changed? Absolutely nothing. All that has happened is that the existing values have been copied over and over again to get us to have more and more of the same but cheaper every time. The economies however were forced to grow through pushing our overconsumptive nature. We have hardly invested in renovation of our true values: our infrastructures, our ways of living, nothing. That all stayed the same. So economies were blown up as a ballon through speculation and development of greed, nothing else. Meanwhile the true wealth on which our economies have to rely became obsolete and overrated. 

Meanwhile we grew cold to the challenges of the world. We have lost the habbit to evaluate our choices against the morality of what is good and what is bad. Our moral is empty while our mind just sees price tags and material needs. We even compare eachother according external decorations rather than the sensitivity of true inner values. We take a distance from family and friendship values, grow distant from our children or elderly and develop a respectless attitude towards our neighboors and environment just persueing material wealth in which we believe to find security.

Twenty years of demoralisation is a long time. An entire generation of people doesn’t know what true moral is and often grow mentally sick by the overwhelming need of spiritual meaning. The credit crisis has just popped the ballon into our faces showing us the enormous gap between our obsolete structures and the point of balance that would be needed. This crisis will take a long time to resolve because we need to rebuild our true and intimate believes. This crisis is personal, social and within business policy. It affects us all and takes at least 5 years and a lot of suffering to set the basis for renewal.

And renewal is needed, totally. It is as if we come out of world war three and needed to reconstruct everything. The bulldozers literally need to go through our society and we need to rebuild it according the multidimensionality that we now know. Our goal is the optimal point of balance that will permanently become our goal for the next 15 years. We will measure ourselves against this goal, run our business created added values for that balance and vote for social representatives that create a healthy basis for the collective persecution of these goals.

In 15 years we will live in a new world. But first we need to avoid getting ourselves into chaos or terror due to the nature that we need to abondon in time. We can do it, but it needs to come from within, all together.

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