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Climate top? Politicians go for a sustainable past not future

The climate top in Copenhagen is run by politicians. Politicians don’t have a mission with the future. They are being democratically elected just to maintain the past. Copenhagen is hence a waste of time. Just think about how many billions were spent in WEEKs to keep up the failing banks and how many problems they all make to spend a significant lesser amount in DECADES on the consequenses of climate change. If it were up to politics, in 50 years humanity sits on pile of money, probably fighting those who are left over, and without food, water, hapiness, health or vitality. Al Gore became a true activist when he lost his political ambitions. Climate top? Anything but politics. Let them go home and try to get re-elected.

A true climate top should be helt among entrepreneurs who are trained to deal with the future and learn now that 4 x profit, customer/social/ecological and entrepreneurial benefits in balans = sustainable business. This top is not necessary because it is already happening, often (temporarily) blocked by politics.

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