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One year Obama

Think of it. You are the very first black president of the US of A. And you have also one of the shittiest jobs to do. Fancy a business environment that is controlled only by short term wealth perspectives. Part of your own campaign has been financed by them. It represents the American Dream: get rich fast. You would have to honor your supporters when you are president. Then you have the general public. They want to keep getting rich fast and they use all methods to do so: Credit cards, unjust loans, whatever….. the average citizen lives on a credit debt of a years wage. When that wage falls away what is left over? Disaster.

USA is built on a mentality of disaster. When I moved from Spain (credit mentality of 0ne single month) to Holland (debet mentality, ie you pay with what you have actually got) it took me one entire year to adjust. I had to reserve every month one twelfs of my salary to compensate the transition. It hurt me a lot. Imagine however an entire years salary as backlog? It will take you a life time to work that away. How would you vote?

When America voted Obama, they voted for change but not really to cope with this crisis. NO! They wanted Obama to get things back to times of Reagan and even Clinton. But he cannot do that. The rest of the world understood, except the USA. Nobel Obama is in a split. One legg is trying to solve securities for his people (jobs, housing, Afganistan, and than even health) and the other is trying to improve the competitive position of business world wide for the necessary dollars. When you spread your leggs like that what is in between?

Right. Obama has everything to loose but in the end he will win. He will go into history as the president that started the whole thing, the entire transition that causes so much suffering but also so much new dignity to the American people. He did not start wars for resources but opened up the eyes to common sense. As from now every newcoming president will be measured up against what Obama started, at least for the US. Only three or four presidents from now in the USA will be able to score well four years long. Not now, in these early times of transition.

Others have taken the lead however, and those are the small countries like Holland and Sweden. The transition 3.0 takes a long time, it is dangerous for humanity, but it can be done (words of Obama), but not without the chaos America is facing (and China a little later)

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