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Point of Singularity

When you look up “singularity” on Wikipedia you’ll probably hit the page where people try to explain that Artificial Intelligence is developing so fast that it will take over from humankind. MY definition of the point of singularity is different:

“The point of singularity is that moment of instant chaos and collapse caused by the inability of humankind to keep organizational and moral pace with its own (technological) developments.”

This does not mean that robots take over, it means that we grow so stupid that it seems as we have been taken over. In fact this already has occurred. Think of our education system. We are educated right from day one in our life to become an active part of a system. We are not asked to question that system or to create another one. We are simply educated to perform, full stop. Look at money! It is a human invention, a robot, which we worship and cherish even knowing that it represents nothing more than the value we attribute to it.

Now consider our political & social systems. We think that we live in a democracy when we can vote every so often. But we created systems of welfare and social security that only allow us to vote for maintenance of the system, never for change. We have no choice! And when one cannot choose there is no democracy. Choose for what? One who can best maintain a system that has proven to be corrupt and obsolete?

Artificial intelligence already dominates our lives but it does not contribute to stability or positive evolution. It just grows and grows until it collapses. That is what is happening right now. The banking systems collapsed in 2008. The economic systems on which country expenditure is based are collapsing. Billions are injected by governments in a robotic system that is outdated and cripple. World leaders invest in keeping up artificial bubbles that keep bursting in our faces. We have collectively grown more stupid than the systems that we created ourselves.

Time has come that the robots (money, politics, hierarchies, power systems) collapse. The chaos is one for our own. We have forgotten to live a life without these artificial intelligence that turned out to be human stupidity. We are facing the crude reality that we will have to learn again to think for our selves! We are facing the point of singularity that true intelligence is called for, human intelligence, to assure a sustainable future for us and our children.

Artificial intelligence will always serve humankind until humankind gets lazy again, just to fall back in collapse and painful chaos again in order to rediscover again and again the unique, irreplaceable capabilities of our species. That point is about to come.


  1. A major part of the banking system and many other systems in the world are still managed by Humans and not by Robots. Humans are the Big problem not Robots.

  2. […] become obsolete. Consumption based economies and exponential population growth was going to reach a point of singularity. A new reality forced itself into our awareness: the natural limitations of planet Earth. The old […]

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