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Science and Spirituality

It is nearly two years ago when I got my own enlightenment to draw our material and moral development as two crossing lines. I wrote a book about it (in Dutch “Geheimen van echte Welvaart”) which of course has been my worst selling book ever ;-). Who cares about morality these days? Yet, one of the readers immediately saw enough material for a nomination for the Nobel price for Peace, not now but maybe in ten or twenty years time. It made me laugh.

I laughed because my book was a spiritual and professional semi-autobiography based on my personal awareness enriched by spontaneous illuminations in the process, normally at night while in the twilight of near sleep or near awakening. It had nothing academic, nothing scientific, but surely a personal message for humankind, and especially entrepreneurship.

Two years have past since that mid night eye opener I had on the crossed lines and many times they have been used now to explain the evolution of human beings and their social, business, personal or political interaction. It is being used to explain business strategies, evolution of countries and dynasties, and even the present global shift. Above all the crossed lines are being used to understand ourselves!

Deeper and deeper we dig into our insight and awareness as globalization of our current human organization reaches boiling point after boiling point. Even that the model shows and still we try to fight our way back our way up against the current, trying to avoid the unavoidable collapse and chaos. We lack the “science of awareness”.

For at least half a million years the human being has been struggling between her material and moral evolution. We could not keep pace and kept falling back into disaster after periods of wealth. We have been confronted for millenia with ourselves and our quest to understand, but to understand what? There are two things that need to be understood: the touchable and the untouchable.

Understanding the touchable: We call this “science”. The touchable can be accounted for as it can be counted, measured, visualized and described. It can also be reproduced. We can count the amount of people in a country, the electricity consumption, the atoms in an element, the genes of a species, the amount of stars in the sky, etc. We can study this to the immenseness of the universe and the minuteness of the smallest particals or elements.

We have based our science on the touchables and created another touchable, called money. We want to “understand” our physical world and created over time a humankind that is very much focussed on controlling in one way or another this physical world. Science has helped business by inventing cheaper resources, faster transportation systems, hierarchies over other people, miniaturizing technologies to nano-level, space travel, internet and mobile communication infrastructures. Science has stimulated political organizations to build economies and power positions around material productivity and purchasing power of all civilians.

We have concentrated our investigation, intelligence and science on our greed, not only to have but also to control, as a person, a business and as a society. We have become obsessed by science as an instrument, not only for our understanding but as a servant to our greed. We have gone to great length and depth to “understand” that part of our existence.

Now we realize (hopefully not too late) that this is not the only side of the medal of human historic and unique existence.

Understanding the untouchable: When we talk about the untouchable we become weak, we do not grasp the significance at our present (material) state of mind. It is easy to think of the solar energy that makes life possible at all. We may consider the winds and water currents that spread life (and death) across the earth. We may even start asking ourselves the significance of love, friendship, hate, marriage, religion, trust? Some even go beyond and ask about humanity, planet earth, the universe?

When we get into such domain we feel insecure. We lack “intelligence”. We even fear the word “spirituality”, the science of our conscience. It is easy to grasp back to the touchable, the accountable and avoid the untouchable. So much has been discovered in the touchable world that the average human being is happy, especially if this touchable world can be possessed and accounted for. “Having” is power in such touchable world.

Now we enter the untouchable world, the world of energies, flows, unpredictables, interaction and competition. It is the universal world of what we as humans perceive as chaos, yet it has been there for billions of years, survived meteorite impacts, volcanoes, dinosaurs, etc. Why should it not survive “the human being”?

“Action = Reaction” has been a basic law adopted by all of us, for whatever reason. It is an equation for ever lasting balance. It seems simple but it is in fact extremely difficult. It addressed human intellect to the full in a quest to destruction or sustainable progress. What it really means is that whatever changes (no matter how minute) we make we provoke necessary changes elsewhere to re-establish balance. Those changes are not always and mostly not under human control.

We are, like it or not, part of a larger organization.

So if human kind, in all its abundant presence on the globe (6.7 billion people now and growing), work to a degree of material wellness that some territories have enjoyed for decades, it will have consequences somewhere. Here we enter the field of the “untouchable”. Where do the consequences appear? Do they affect us intimately and directly or someone/thing else in the unknow?

The very first human “untouchable” is the deteriorating relationship between countries that want to defend their own wealth. Another one is that people realize that they have become slaves of human power systems that are difficult to break out of. We do not even control them in any way.

And we become aware that we do not even know anymore how to climb the human barricades. We feel controlled and managed by government.

We suddenly become aware that we know nothing anymore about true interpersonal relationships, ie that are not based on material interests, but on kindness, love and care. We realize that our behavior is putting ourselves at danger.

We become aware that we need to enter a new era, the era of insight an awareness. This era is as important as the scientific era we no leave behind, we have enough, we need to assimilate now.

What science did to our material progress does insight and awareness to our spiritual development. One day both will consciously line up and provide sustainable progress to the human kind.

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