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Letting go

About 150.000 years ago human beings started to realize that they were different, special. We were not like animals! We could manage nature to our benefit. We learned to manage fire, grow crops and keep animals. We could reason and communicate among each other.

Typical animal genes however still motivated us in our decisions. It was difficult to understand our speciality, confusing even. If you have the gift of reasoning in the competitive aninal life one develops first of all a talent to serve oneself. In times of dinosaurs the one who is small needs to be smart to survive.

For many millenia we have tried to understand how to control more and more our environment for self preservation. As we developed our knowledge we never let go of our competitive, animal like behavior of gathering more than we need for survival. In fact we pictured our personal safety on our level of possessions  and created societies around it.

Current human societies are still based on this ancient attitude of “having”, ie the control by possessing. We have created countries, corporate organizations and communities around this mentality and behaviour. We even created hierarchies among our fellow beings to possess and use mankind to keep it that way. Intellect was used to create slaves among equals for the benefit of a few. We created herritage to ensure that our offspring would continue our quest of possessing more and more.

What we forget is that everyting that one possesses materially  will be lost eventually. Matter may be controlable but is never possessed but it is used. Even our own carnal  lifetime, our physical body, will die, no matter the wealth we accumulated along the way. We go as we came: naked. The only thing that remains is what people may remember of us.

We always will HAVE TO LET GO!

“Matter is an energetic carrier, not a foundation”

This lesson is the one we are learning now. For the first time ever a combination of factors have come together to go beyond a historical lesson, we may make a quantum jump in our human evolution. Here is the combination:

  • Scientific knowledge on matter has reached a point of detail that it can now understand and serve “the whole”.
  • Global industrialization has reached a point that now understands that matter is finite, so material growth can not be infinite.
  • Borders have been abolished to sustain capitalistic growth and created the very first basis for global welbeing.
  • Everything is already transforming, reluctant and with opposition but without escape.
  • We discover a new field for human development and welbeing: interpersonal relationships and energy.
  • This field has endless potential.
  • Economies based on material possessions need to transform into economies based on the wealth of interhuman relationships, interaction and energetic, intellectual progress. 

Letting go of our material dependence is key to gain sustainable balance and a sustainable future. Matter can be used cyclically for ever. Our energy for positive interaction can hence create true progress: we become what we are and contribute, not what we have.

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