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Egyptian or world chaos?

For days in a row we have been able to see the masses in Egypt step up onto the barricades to challenge the leadership of the dictator that has reigned the country for decades. The Egyptian people are fed up to live in poverty, without work while being exploited by an imposed system. They want self determination, freedom of choice and the liberty to develop the values of their own lives.

The country has been in chaos ever since the population started demanding the departure of the dictator and the initiation of in depth change. It is an extreemly risky situation as the dominant leadership system in Egypt is very much woven into the countries culture and structure. I myself still remember the street fights in Barcelona and the struggles of a young democracy in Spain after the death of dictator Franco in 1975. The coronation of King Juan Carlos I had been prepared thoroughly by Franco himself and still the dominant military force tried a coup just a few years later by Coronel Tejero.

In Egypt it is the voice of the people that speaks and nothing has been prepared. What happens if the dictator remains in place? Chaos! What if he goes? Chaos! And within chaos anything can happen. A new dictator can step up, the military forces can assume temporary control until democratic elections can be organized (by whom? No one knows how this works …), a temporary shadow government can be installed to rewrite the constitution according whatever standard… And meanwhile, what do the people do? It will not be easy and large groups have tasted now the power of the public voice. Screaming for the end of dictatorship is a common, unifying goal but finding a solution for the  route of the nation can have many faces. And those different voices will group and let themselves be heard loud.

Many see Egypt as an isolated drama with the extremely difficult potential of a positive outcome and the tremendous risk of affecting the entire middle east. I see Egypt as one of the first steps towards the global abolishing of dominant leadership. Egypt may have been reigned by a dictator but the entire world is being lead dominantly by dictatorship, the dominance of speculant financial systems, in the hands of a few. The cry for self sufficiency, self determination and freedom of choice is being heard all over the world since the bank crisis opened up the eyes of many to what world we had created for ourselves. The greed of the financial systems at the expense of humanity and our planet are dictating the behaviour of our governments, multinational business structures and banking, and yes….even our own mentality.

Consider that 80% of the large currencies around the world now consist of speculative values (i.e. hot air) based on no true collatoral at all. We are all sitting on a time bomb of a global magnitud that multiplies the Egyptian chaos into a global one. Already three years ago I predicted that China will enter in a chaotic crisis well before 2020 due to the unsustainable growth of its economy acting as a black hole on the finite global resources. Financial analysts now start to second my prediction and also begin to realize that our money and monetary systems do not represent any value anymore. The true values of human society have be abolished by many years of speculation and need to be gained back. Those true values are represented by entrepreneurial creativity serving (not using) humanity and our planet,  and the genuin caring way we interact among eachother. If we abolish family life for equality in economic independence we create a feelingless, individualistic and competitive society, the one we have now. If we do not care for eachother anymore then humankind disappears.

How can we change this? Just like in Egypt we have grown dependent on our own dictatorship in the shape of money. Our entire society has been built up around the same and hence extremely difficult to change. If we abolish the system we enter into chaos, if we maintain it we will enter in chaos and self destruction also. The movement across the world has started even though we do not yet walk the barricades but the fighting of the system is in full progress. This we call the Global Shift, or the process of Transformation to Sustainable progress. It starts with the individual like you and me, letting go of our own dictatorship around money, searching for the true values of and within our own lives (becoming self aware and responsible for our lives and that of our loved ones close to us). We need to re-invent the value of human interaction, love and care for eachother, without translating everything into hard currencies but finding the soft currents of giving rather than taking. This can be done with our neighbors, our friends, our own next of kin, creating warm and social communities which become rich by cohesion.

We use innovative technologies to become self sufficient in water, food and energy production on individual and community level (neighborhoods) and cut our ties with monopolists and dominant leaders who control those basic life lines. We learn to value our true creative and caring values in different value systems than money and we can use those valuesystems to exchange caring and goods among eachother without leaving our values in the hands of unworthy power structures that misuse the trust we placed in them.

The Egyptian chaos is also the world chaos by  recognizing dictatorship and becoming aware that we want to be freed from it. The chaos leads to insight and insight leads to awareness, which in turn leads to a purposeful enlightenment for a new society. This new society is based on true human values of equality, safety, trust and cooperation. Just like the Egyptian dictator can be isolated in his palace we can isolate our own global dictators by turning around and learn to be independent and human again, not a robot in a system, joining forces to peacefully extend our hands and create a society based on true values, not money.

We have entered the era of the disappearance of dominant leadership.


  1. s'ace o'22 says:

    dear jean paul, tahnks for givin’such an analysis

    i underline the last words from my heart:

    “We have entered the era of the disappearance of dominant leadership.”

    But then didn’t we say this in 1999?
    Didn’t we all agree to a Ethic Reveil?

    We at a Dutch Public Non-Profit Organisation did agree to take a stand for the better approach.

    We took distance from the ol’paradigm within Paternalism combined with Patriarchaic Belief Systems. The information is leading edge for all participants in every context with asks for decision making & its follow up. There is no alternative to this stand … & this invoked the many to invest on applying consciousness into human kinds …

    as a vibration
    in the line of the mission “awakening planetary consciousness” as brought forward in december 2006 by a Dutch pionear “and the many on intuit strings” without a name, as souldears ever die …

    😉 S’ace

  2. Dear s’ace, people like my friend Ervin Laszlo (www.clubofbudapest.com ) already started to define the Global Shift back in the 90’s. With the presence of Herman Wijffels we created the STIR Foundation in 2009 to establish issue driven communities for sustainable progress….. but dominant leadership is difficult to abolish when it controls the vast majority of human activities through money based systems and centralised monopolies on critical resources (food, water, energy, etc).
    It will take a lot more than just “agreeing” to transform the human world into a new structure where sustainable issues are the drive and not the interests of a view.
    Thanks for commenting!
    Warm regards

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