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Hé? Take that foot off MY footprint!

When the footprint was first introduced early ’90’s of the 20th century it also suggested the principle of equality of all human beings on the usage of the Earth resources. In the 2001 calculations the estimates are that every human being on Earth would have the right to use 1,8 hectacres for personal use and self sufficiency.

Before that no one actually had a clue that many were keeping up their wealth against the poverty of others. The footprint made us all think! But tough to do something about it.

Prior to the extensive explosion of human population on Earth our planet gave a sense of unlimited abundance. This sense has been engraved into our genes, mentality and behavior. When we learned about the finite resources for the first time we had already irrevocable systems in place that were based on infinity rather than shortage. Looking back we now see how we even used these systems to ensure our own individual interests by monopolizing our access to all kinds of resources.

So many people started to think when acquianted with the footprint rights and its distribution across the globe:

  • What right do I have to step on the footprint of someone else?
  • What can I do to be self sufficient in abundance on my own share?

Other people elsewhere may have started to think?

  • What right does anyone else have to use MY footprint?
  • What can I do to get to use my own share for my own abundance?

This thinking is slowly meeting. Some people call for sustainable transformation, other fight for their legitimate rights. In any case the human world is about to change. We become aware, we abolish (some try to maintain) the old selfish systems and introduce new ones (which some try to block).

Science has evolved so much that we never need to feel scarcity and can have abundance for everyone on Earth. There is no need at all to step on any one’s else’s footprint, or occupying it unrightfully. We just need to let go of what we were used to and embrace with confidence and moral joy the new world of true abundance, not only in terms of material wealth but also in spiritual significance proper to the purpose of our species.

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