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Eat crap or die

Or transform…

The food crisis is soaring through the world and western societies hardly know about it. Why? Because we eat processed food! That means that our menu consists of a few percent of true food and the rest is additives, i.e. crap. This makes economies more stable because the inflation in the supermarkets is connected to the amount of inexpensive crap it contains.

Meanwhile the inflation in regions around the world that depend entirely on the basic commodoties, s.a. rice, wheat, oil, sugar….see an inflation of 100% to 400% in just 10 years. Their income has not grown at all due to the financial crisis around the world that got speculants work harder at the expense of the poor. Those who eat real food die of hunger because they cannot afford it.

Economic unrest is already enormous as the costs for society of the unreal lifestyle of the West is becoming a huge burden driving up speculation even more to finance it. Certain additives to our food have now proven to produce sensitivity to mental, psychological, physical and behavioral disorder. Overall it results in the negative evolution of human kind. We grow older, sicker, fatter, unhappier, more aggressive and intolerant due to our lifestyle. In fact we grow more stupid and insensitive.

In a world full of discussion about sustainable progress these are not exactly the best conditions for action. Half of the human world is growing more idiot while the other half is so poor they either die or can’t have a voice. Where does human intellect come in? Or the Darwinist survival of the fittest? Or my own phylosophy of the survival of the most adaptive? Can we still turn this disaster around or are we eliminating ourselves from this planet in a significant way?

On an individual level I see many people who develop consciousness and willingness to modify their life style, despite the pressure on them by the current social systems. On entrepreneurial level I see many creative people willing to produce true value for humankind and our planet. On political and banking level I see important power positions trying to remain in place with here and there across the globe important signs of uproar but not yet enough to break through the world of greed and selfish idiocy.

Recent social media discussions only show desperate people who just want a decent life and get fed up with crisis after crisis.

14 disturbing facts: http://www.prisonplanet.com/food-crisis-2011-14-disturbing-facts-that-make-you-wonder-if-the-coming-global-food-shortage-has-already-begun.html

Food prices hit all time high: http://www.businessinsider.com/un-food-prices-2011-1

Life as usual the coming years will be challenged time after time again until we truly modify our behavior and world organization. We NEED to transform while we can or soon we will be throwing bricks, stones and bullets at each other.

Now it is up to you. Eat crap, die or transform.

I have made my choice long time ago.

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