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The art of letting go

In my daily activities I find my self in a happy situation of meeting many people who all wish to contribute to a better world. What strikes me is that all are very much attached to particular elements of the old world that they try to change. This is not at all strange because this old world is still very dominantly present in our daily routines. One of the toughest issues that people need to learn to cope with is the art of letting go.

The very process starts with the development of personal awareness that things need to change and that this change comes about by taking personal responsibility. This insight has an origin that nearly always has to do with some kind of personal chaos that arises after some traumatic experiences. The reason that gave rise to this situation of chaos can be very diverse. I have seen people come in chaos after a marriage break up, the loss of a job, the death of a loved one, a burn-out situation, etc. etc. The emotional or financial sense of security that may have been present before the chaos has disappeared getting people to find themselves without any stable foothold to stand on.

The pain of insecurity, lack of balance and personal chaos illuminates the mind and sole to find new opportunities, a sense of purpose and renewed drive to progress.  In this process one confronts experiences of the past with idealism how things should be. If in the past moral complexities were not taken in consideration these now come intensified into the picture.

The process of letting go is as complex as the one to restructures one’s life an commitment to fullfilment. Memories are still very vivid around those elements that provided securities in the past and which one is temped to revive when one searches new securities. The past is gone for ever and living back what once was is only creating a mental dependence that blocks the potential of the future to present itself in its widest diversity.

Another issue that requires letting go is the pain that is felt in the past when things happened that caused suffering. One is tempted to avoid or condition new actions in fear for pain to happen again. People tend to enter new relationships as if they were the cause of ancient wounds instead of giving them the change to develop. Letting go is fundamental to give the past a position were it belongs and offer the future the opportunity to start from scratch. The future cannot be blamed for the past and the past may not block personal organization after enlightenment. Letting go is a way of getting peace with whatever happened and addressing the future with strength and self confidence.

The last thing that condition people in their evolution to true wealth is the mental attachment to material possessions. When a person gets into a situation of personal chaos this often goes together with the loss of material means. Even when insight and enlightenment comes one still tends to refer to all those things that one once had. When communicating in such way it is tempting for the listener to judge the person for what he or she has lost. It is a serious issue to let go also of possessions that have been lost. They cannot be recovered by longing to them and they lack importance. The real importance resides in the process of enlightenment that one undergoes and that feeds the sole to a richer personal identity. They relativety of possessions becomes clear only when one lets go an concentrates on what one is, not on what one has or used to have.

After the complex process of letting go securities, pains and possessions of the past one feels the exiting freedom of limitless existence. This is important to grow in a new role without the limitation of mental, physical, emotional or spiritual dependence. When one has let go one does not expect anything from anyone anymore, does not wait for anyone anymore and only relies on one’s personal existence, self esteem and confidence. One encounters then true leadership over personal existence that provides the strong sense of human equality that is needed for powerful human interaction in a sustainable way.

The art of letting go is the same as giving yourself room and freedom to expand on all levels of human complexity and organize yourself without expectations, limitations or influences from outside. Letting go you get hold of …yourself.

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