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The “Europe of Tomorrow” challenge

What will happen to Europe (or USA for that matter)? Will we find ways to remain united or will we fall apart again. Will history repeat itself or ……?

The Euro? Will is remain a strong currency or will it die a rapid death after just over a decade of its existence? Will we remain living in centralized urban structures? Or will food dependencies create a new exodus to the country side? Or will we learn how to create eatable cities? What is the role of money, business enterprises, governance, science, education in our Europe of Tomorrow?

All these questions will pop up in the minds of the European student teams when they play the game “entrepreneur of your own life” with the challenge to propose their own future for Europe.


It will not be easy for them to make up their mind. They will be challenged by the existing institutional powers which will try to “sell” them their own current world views. Scientists will provide contrasting information while visionary intellectuals will walk around and speak in public about society, risks and chances. But out of all this the students will have to make up their own mind, their own vision and present it to the world.

Will they go for a technology driven world full of robots or green self sufficient do it yourself culture? Will they go for a global solution of a patchwork of fragmented communities? Or both?

The public presentation of all teams on 15.12.12 will tell. But between idealism and realization there is often still a confrontation with present day reality. 2013 will surely be used to make steps to bridge those realities and make things happen, not because institutions want this but our upcoming generation. They will stand in the middle of everything and will get support of the wise elderly who will use their knowledge and networked influences to make change happen. This may be what the Mayas anticipated when they made their calender: a new beginning on 12.12.12, not by war or disaster but human awareness, youthfull creativity and the applied wisdom of the 5th dimension.

Personally I am looking forward to it very, very much.

PS. Just realized that this my 100th post!

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