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It’s happening, whether you are there or not

“To be there or not to be there”, that does make a difference.

In sustainocratic ventures (eg: AiREAS, co-creating healthy cities)  it’s about making it happen, not negotiating the presence in the meeting. It’s up to the participant to consider it important enough to be there or not. When people see that a process goes ahead whether they are there or not they will make sure they are in it when there is something for them to gain or loose.

That is sometimes disturbing for people who consider themselves more important than the process or the commitment.

To explain the difference this story always helps:

Mary and John arrive home after making their wedding promises, and John (democrat) suddenly says: “Oh, I forgot to tell you, Mary. In the weekends I always eat with my parents. On Monday eve I have my weekly jazz night out in the pub. On Tuesday my friends and I play poker and Wednesday afternoon it’s football time. Friday we have drinks with the colleagues at work.” 

Mary (sustainocrat) smiles and says:
“That alright my love. Just remember that here at home at 6 pm we fuck, whether you are here or not.”

Sustainocracy is the commitment of otherwise fragmented interests (business, government, science, civilians) to achieve regional sustainable progress together (eg. AiREAS: Cocreating a healthy city). In such multidisciplinary setting it is not the promise but the being there that matters.

In established sustainocratic ventures we do not have a problem of senior atendence anymore. It took just 3 metings to settle the difference.

Jean-Paul Close (gamechanger)

Let’s not make things more difficult than they are. Sustainable human progress is loving the miracle of life through passionate, value driven cooperation, commitment, awareness, trust, health, safety and self sufficiency.

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