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Webinars on value driven entrepreneurship

Value driven entrepreneurship is the 21st century innovative way of proactively connecting to our reality. It has very different characteristics than the product or services driven past. Having pioneered with it for over 15 years now, even up to the level of creating and working with a totally new society model (Sustainocracy), 5 books,  4 cooperative initiatives, world wide publications, speeches, etc it is time to connect to the world through a series of international webinars.

The webinars will be in English:
* Duration of 1 hour
* At 2 different times for Eastern and Western hemisphere coverage from the Netherland’s point of view.
* Every webinar is stand alone but can be structured at will to become a value driven coaching and interaction program.
* Webinars are limited to a certain number of participants depending on the level of interest and interaction required.
* Webinars will be repeated as often as interest is confirmed.

Topic driven:
I will initially deal with the following topics seperately:

1. The piramide paradigm of value driven entrepreneurship
2. 21st century leadership versus management
3. How does AiREAS work?
4. The economy of 3 value systems
5. Starting a business without money
6. Three levels of ethics
7. The awareness cycle

If interested in being invited (without need to participate) please react to this post or send a DM to jp@stadvanmorgen.com.

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