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The art of awareness

What makes the DEEP LOOK film so special? It is not a film, it is a reflection about the art of observation. The art of awareness is the essence of life. Why would the universe exist if no one would be able to contemplate it?  The entire purpose of any existence is that someone can enjoy watching it. DEEP LOOK observes people. Watch this trailer

Veysi, trying to look cool 😉

The film was made by Veysi, a turkish immigrant who grew up in The Hague, observing how society transformed from a mere Dutch white community into a multicultural colorful caleidoscope of people. Veysi was born deaf. This did not hinder him to finish his study cumlaude and dedicate 7 years of his life to make DEEP LOOK as a musical visual of people who crossed his path. Veysi presents his view in slow motion, allowing us to grasp emotions in great detail while making us reflect about the high speed pace in which we live our lives, missing the beauty of detail as we go.

For those of you who live too far from Eindhoven to come and enjoy this art form we share this visual song from Veysi

The film will be shown 4 saturdays in a row in Eindhoven in NatLab (May 6, 13, 20, 27). The 10€ fee is to cover the expense of renting the theatre for the show.





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