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Memorandum of Understanding to combat the effects of radiation

Today I signed in the name of the STIR Foundation (City of Tomorrow) a Memorandum of Understanding with the Indian SYENERGY ENVIRONICS Ltd to work together on reducing the effects of the tremendous amount of radiation that has accumulated around us through all kinds of electronic and communication devices. This interview of physicist Barry Trower, published on YouTube is worrying enough. We tend to look positively at our progress and firmly believe that education and awareness within sustainocratic cooperations is the best way to eliminate the lethally manipulative powers that affect us today.

In STIR we committed to core natural human values. Not only governance is held accountable for this, our entire societal commitment to life and wellness is. Such accountability is proving to be the driving force behind a whole stream of new entrepreneurial activities with a perspective of economic development and social engagement for many decades to come.

In the region of Eindhoven we look for a few show cases in which we can demonstrate the positive effects of dealing with raditions in a progressive and responsible way. The effects show in our health, productivity and even our genetic herritage.


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