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Crowdfunding for water project in Peru

25.000€ needed

Peru is having a great issue with drinking water. Long spells of drought produce a severe water shortage. Sudden spells of excessive rain destroy productive agricultural grounds causing food shortages. How do we solve this? How can Peru adjust to this urgent and dramatic situation? Some people believe that the solution needs to be found in Sustainocratic cooperative thinking and handling. In Sustainocracy water is a core human condition for sustainable progress and shared responsibility, not an economic or political power game or means.

Crowdfunding is needed to independently research the current status in Peru as well as the measures taken by local governance. We need to educate the local stakeholders on the innovative value of sustainocratic engagement and establish the first local and international multidisciplinary team (government, innovative entrepreneurs, citizen’s engagement and scientific expertise) for accountability and cocreation of the higher purpose of integral water resilience and wellness. The group will the define together the priorities in steps to be taken. Once that is done projects can be defined that get access to regular and large funds but this first analytical step needs to funded seperately.

The money will be used for travel and lodging expenses in Peru, making local presentationd and effort needed to contact and gather all necessary information and stakeholders objectively to create the first Sustainocratic table for water resilience. Project leader in STIR City of Tomorrow is Peruvian PhD student Edwin Rodriguez. He is preprint his own letter to you on which he explains the situation and his motivation to you.

Can you contribute? Let us know…..




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