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A pursuit of happiness – Gandhi Ashram

A pursuit of happiness. This place in the center of Candidasa, at the east-coast of Bali. It´s called an ashram, but it´s not as severe as ashrams are likely to be. For example you have the possibility to chant at 5.00 p.m. But it´s not obligated. You have the possibility to participate in work duties starting at 6.00 p.m. But it´s not needed. And you have the possibility to join the yoga class around 7.00. But all voluntarily. But believe me when I tell you this yogaclass in this setting is a one-to-experience. Set-up in this tropical stage, supported with a mindblowing sea-view in a layer of laughing scool-kids, your day could not start off in a better way.

Though the bungalows are sober, you have everything you need. 3 times a day you are welcomed by a prayer to enjoy the delicious pure local meals. It´s a suitable place for single-travellers: you´ll be surrounded by a community of young-adults who are living continuously in the ashram. Besides that, you´ll find a wide range of fellow-soulsearchers who are constantly attracted by this place.

For 18 euros a day you have your private bungalow with sea-view, 2 yogaclasses a day, 3 delicious meals and a beautiful area to enjoy enrichment. Expect no luxuries, just local standards: a luxury to experience!

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