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Devolving to the Golden Age

So there is this little place in the north of Bali called Tejakula, a hidden treasure being safely kept from mass tourism. And within this little town, there is this other little secret oasis called Desa Les. Probably not even mentioned on Google maps, this little enclave plays around a stunning waterfall, being an inducement for high-vibe-peops; light beings drawn in to this place to start off this Golden age, living in freedom, simplicity and surrender completely off-grid.

I was fortunate enough to ran in to this intruded tribe, see their habitats and get notice of this vibrant little ‘Warung’ encountering this intimate new civilization. Mainly raw and vegan treats are filling up this vitrine attracting me from beyond. With a menu overloaded with vibe-elevating-pearls (kombucha, Kefir and green smoothies), there is no other way to get an instant hertz-upgrade in a split second.


Not very surprisingly I could easily stick here for days marinate in this radiant space of earth-loving joy, absorb creativity, enjoy murmuring, being as one. I’m sincerely curious how this proficient place will evolve the upcoming years and the mysticism will be preserved. Already looking forward to report on that😉 .

Gede’s warung RA

Desa Les (Tejakula, Bali)

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