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150 years living in Eindhoven

Eindhoven grew from a small rural town of 6000 citizens in 1850 into the world known vibrant multicultural community of over 220.000 today. Many people lived here for some time to study or work in one of the multinationals or local enterprises and have still memories or even family ties. Others consider moving to or visit Eindhoven, not just because of job opportunities but also because of the local focus on a healthy environment and intercultural interaction.

This global Eindhoven-minded community has now access to a unique series of stories that describe its culture and development over time, as described by the top historical story tellers resident in town while using original photographs.


On Sunday 17th the series is released and presented in the Expat Hub for our local international community.  If you are living abroad and interested in the magazine and series (2 editions per year over 3 years) you can contact our partner Eindhoven News (eindhovennews@gmail.com). The price is 5,95€ plus postal charges if we need to send it to you. This first edition describes all kinds of aspects of the development of Eindhoven over de the last 150 years such as Philips, DAF, the digging of channel, the anexation of villages, the care system, etc.

The second edition, due in October 2017, will deal with people, choices and the reaction to challenges that have been decisive for the city as it stands today.

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